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Can I take this course for college credit?

Yes. You can register with North Dakota State College of Science for college credits.

How much does the EMT class cost?

The course costs are: Deposit $100, Main Fee $760 and Lab $100 for tuition of $960.

Books cost about $200 and testing fees (optional, paid at the end of the course) are about $210. All prices are subject to change.

Costs for college credit are set by your college.

North Dakota Department of Emergency Medical Systems does have a $1,200 EMT course grant program. It is provided to local ambulance services to increase staffing. Contact your local service to see if they participate and what requirements they would h ave for your to qualify for it.  

 ND EMS Grant Information: Education Grants  ,  North Dakota Rural EMS Assistance Fund 

When are EMT classes held?

There are three EMT classes each year:

  • Fall - usually starts in mid-August and ends in mid-December; meets T & TH nights from 6–10 PM. Lectures are Thursday nights with labs on Tuesday nights. If you live outside the F-M metro area, you can attend lectures via webconference and attend labs the first Friday evening and Saturday of each month.
  • Spring - usually starts in mid-January and ends in late April; meets T & TH nights from 6–10 PM. Lectures are Tuesday nights with labs on Thursday nights. If you live outside the F-M metro area, you can attend lectures via webconference and attend labs on first Friday evening and Saturday of each month.
  • Summer - This course is held "boot camp" style. Tuesdays and Wednesdays  8:30AM to 5 PM for 8 weeks.
Are there any pre-requisites?

Yes. Review the Verified Credentials form.

How do I sign up for EMT class?

Prior to the start of class, a non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve a position in the class. The deposit is part of the tuition and the remaining balance is due before the first night of class. All can be paid online or by cash (sorry, no checks). 

Book used for the course will be Emergency Care, 13th Edition, Publisher Pearson.  This can be purchased on your own or at the NDSCS Bookstore starting August 23, 2019. NDSCS Bookstore contact number 701-671-2125 or 1305 19th Ave N, Fargo ND 58102.

Online registration:

Ensure you sign up for all three classes and that the sessions match (Deposit for Fall, Lab for Fall, Main for Fall, etc.).

  1. EMT Deposit: Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5800)
  2. EMT Main:     Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5801)
  3. EMT Lab:       Link to SanfordLearn (or search for ci-5802) For Fall and Spring EMT classes, you need to pick either the Thursday night lab or the Saturday lab option. There is only one choice for the summer bootcamp lab.
What is the job outlook for EMTs?

For job information, visit the US Bureau of Labor Statistics: EMTs.

All prices and dates are subject to change.

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