Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I register for a class?

A: You can register for classes on our website: , call our office (701-364-1750) to pay over the phone with a credit card, or stop by the office to pay with a credit card or cash payment.

Q: Where do I view the dates of your upcoming classes?

A: You can view the dates of upcoming classes on our class registration page: , click on the class you would like to attend to view the dates and times.

Q: How do I receive my course completion card?

A: Our classes are taught through the American Heart Association. We have adapted eCards as the completion cards that are sent out for our CPR, First Aid, BLS Provider, ACLS and PALS classes. Within a week of the class, you will receive an email from the   American Heart Association, , to activate your eCard.

Q: How long is my American Heart Association (AHA) completion card good for?

A: AHA completion cards are valid for 2 years.